Top 10 Foods to Combat Diabetes

Photo by Adam Wyles

Photo by Adam Wyles


Stop insulin resistance in its tracks by snacking on heart-healthy, antioxidant-rich nuts. A study performed on nurses found that healthcare professionals who consumed at least five servings of nuts per week were 27% less likely to become diabetic. This is likely because nuts have a high degree of protein, something that can keep you full and prevent snacking on other, less healthy foods. As protein is also one of the body’s building blocks, nuts may help you recover from side effects or related illnesses, too.

The best way to add nuts to your diet is to just carry a bag with you for snacking. If you’d like to incorporate them into dishes, consider tossing pine nuts or peanuts into your next stir-fry. Alternatively, try using sugar-free peanut butter on toast each morning. Have a sweet tooth? Diabetes Online even has a few low-carb dessert options making use of nuts for you to indulge yourself in.