Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Aaron Spelling

Although not as big as that of Mr. Gates, Aaron Spelling’s home is 55,500 square feet, which is larger than the size of a few cities around the world. The man behind the 90210 show series and Melrose Place, also amassed quite a fortune during his lifetime developing great shows. The home is valued at $150 million. It has an orchard, four garages, tennis courts, swimming pools, a skating rink, and an indoor bowling alley as well.

Although most of these homes are extremely lavish, these celebrities sure know how to spend their money when it comes to choosing a new piece of real estate. Not only are these homes valued at more than most of us will ever make in several lifetimes, but the homes are also larger and more illustrious than any of us would ever consider purchasing. Many of the homes are also extremely unique, and are properties which we would never see outside of a Hollywood movie, except of course when it comes to celebrities purchasing them.