Top 10 American Idol Contestants

Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is perhaps the most well known diva in the country music world today and is an alum from the American Idol stage as well. Over the years she has been nominated for 12 Grammy awards, and has won six of them. She has sold 14.827 million record copies, from the four albums released, and all of them have gone platinum. Additionally, she was nominated for two more Grammy awards in 2015, which makes her the most decorated, and highest yielding contestant to have stepped foot onto the American Idol stage, prior to her career taking off.

Whether or not their careers would have taken off without the show is tough to say; and, although American Idol contestants are some of the biggest names in music today, many of these artists owe their start to the American Idol franchise. Sure, not every winner from the show has made it big and many experience success even if they don’t win the competition, but the platform, as well as the assistance with the first record release, is something that has helped these artists in making their career today. Not only are they some of the biggest names in music today, but some of them are well known around the world, and have achieved success through various other work and projects outside of the music world.