10 Most Dangerous Cities in Florida

Miami Beach photo

Photo by Anupam_ts

Miami Beach

According to the report, Miami Beach is the most dangerous of all cities in the state of Florida. The chances of a person becoming a victim of a crime within the city are one in nine. According to a variety of reports, crime within the city began to rise and increase in violence during the mid- to late-1990’s. By the time the FBI report was released, the crime rate of the city registered at approximately 109 crimes per 1,000 residents.

It is quite ironic, however, that Miami Beach is considered the most dangerous city in the state, since it has also been determined to be one of the most livable cities within the continental United States. It appears that its ability to rank eighth in regards to violent crimes had no bearing on how livable it is for those that are courageous enough to withstand its streets.