Justin Biebers Top Homes

Nightclub in the House

For $29,500 per month, Justin Bieber renting an extravagant home that came equipped with its very own nightclub. This home is within the Hollywood Hills and is spread about over 16,000 square feet. This provides enough space for ten bedrooms in addition to the fully functional night club. The disco bar of the nightclub measures in at an impressive 80 feet in length. The nightclub additionally features a trio of bars, lighting and a state of the art sound system that any DJ would enjoy utilizing.

This residence provided Justin Bieber with a wondrous guy’s night in. Due to the fully equipped gymnasium, ping pong enclave, pool table and movie screen that measures in at 160 inches. This contemporary glass estate was more than a dream come true for the popular crooner.

There were no reports of outlandish behavior while renting this residence.