Family Trip  to Oahu, Hawaii in 2016!

Day 5 – Lunch for the family in Laie – Seven Brothers


This is a great local hamburger spot where all the students and surfers eat. Owned by seven young, local brothers, it has a warm, friendly atmosphere perfect for a relaxed family meal. You don’t have to worry about being kid friendly here, this is where all the young families that live in the area come to eat. The Polynesian Salad was a little too sweet for me but really the reason to come here anyways is for those burgers! Try my favorite, the Paniolo Burger with grilled pineapple and the outrageous Crazy fries and dipping sauce! The thin, wide, oval-shaped potato fries are delicious as the more minimal but perfectly seasoned home fries or decadent and over the top, covered in garlic, caramelized onions, and covered in cheese and the house special sauce. The portions are pretty large and not for the faint of heart! Map Website

Lunch for the family 10 minutes from Laie – Kahuku Farm Cafe


Located right next to Laie is the town called Kahuku and at the Kahuku Farm Cafe you will find one of the island specialties, the grilled banana bread topped with vanilla ice cream. It’s a tiny local spot that uses only organic local products from that very farm. The pizza or veggie foccacia sandwich are perfect lunch options and coupled with a fresh fruit smoothie puts it over the top. It’s nice knowing that you are supporting local farms and the food is so yummy, it’s just a win win. Map Website