9 Scariest Shark Encounters

Kalahari Water Park

Possibly the most well known shark attack incident occurred to 15-year old Bethany Hamilton. She made headlines when she was attacked by a shark while surfing in Kauai, Hawaii. Although she lost her arm in the accident, she has continued participating in the sport she loves; in fact, several shows were made about her, as was a movie, and documentaries. Hamilton is considered extremely courageous, especially for such a young teen who lost her arm in this well documented shark encounter.

In recent years, sightings of sharks, even in shallow waterways, are an occurrence that has become more and more common. Although this is the case, it does not seem to dissuade true beach lovers and surfers who love their sport. While many of these individuals came away with minor or no injuries, a few major incidents have been reported in recent years. It is highly likely these individuals don’t look at sharks or the beach the same way they did prior to these scary shark encounters.