10 Safest Places to Run in Los Angeles

Photo by Justin Hall

Photo by Justin Hall

Runyon Canyon

Runyon Canyon Park is located on 130 acres, so you shouldn’t find a problem finding a place to run there. This park is close to Hollywood Boulevard – don’t be surprised if you run into a celebrity who is also out for a run in an effort to maintain their physique. If you have a dog, you might want to take him along when you run as there is also a 90-acre off leash area. Your dog will benefit from your company as well as the exercise.

Starting at Fuller Avenue, which is at the bottom of the canyon, you can start jogging on the trail counter-clockwise or clockwise. If you choose to run clockwise, you will take a gradual run on the back of the canyon to Clouds Rest, and then jog down a steep slope straight to Inspiration Point. If you are an experienced runner, go counter-clockwise. You have to first start out running up steps, and then steep slopes between Clouds Rest and Inspiration Point.