10 Most Dangerous Cities In New York

Niagara Falls photo

Photo by Lima Pix

Niagara Falls

This city has a rich history although it has a widespread reputation of being crime-ridden. Its historic mafia and involvement in the Prohibition Era makes it top the list. It also has many current problems relating to drugs abuse and gun violence. The chance of becoming a victim of crime in this city is one in 81. This means 1 person out of every 81 people will either be raped, murdered severely beaten or robbed at gun point. Violent crime is just a small section of the picture. For instance, the odds go up to 1 in 17 as you figure in property crimes such as auto theft and burglary.

The crime rate in Niagara is very high since the mayor spends lots of money on staging concerts and subsidizing the Niagara Arts and Cultural Center. This happens despite the efforts by the council-men to finance the police department and have more officers on the street. In addition, a good number of educated and skilled people who can improve the situation there have left for greener pastures.