10 Best New York Campsites

Photo by Ryan Hyde

Photo by Ryan Hyde

Letchworth State Park

This state park is another must-visit campsite in New York and is especially popular with avid campers. It is known as the Grand Canyon of the East, making it a campsite you have to see and visit in order to truly appreciate. The tallest waterfall in New York is on this site, and you can choose from tent camping, trailer camping, or cabin camping, giving you the seclusion you want, as well as the comfort you generally don’t have, when you go camping out in the wild.

If you truly want to enjoy camping at its best, along with some of the luxuries and comfort you have at home, these New York campsites are going to deliver on both fronts. The scenic views, natural environments, and different amenities, are extremely enjoyable and rated highly with many campers. Whether you are a local or a visitor looking for something fun to do, these sites are sure to provide fun, beauty, and fresh air.