10 Bars in the United States You Need to Visit


Photo by Guzzle Nosh


When in New Orleans, you have to visit this hot spot, as it is one of the most recognized bars in the U.S., serving some of the most creative drink options available. Creole street food reigns supreme in this bar on Bourbon Street. They serve “two-bit” twenty five cent martinis during lunch hour so visitors can drink for hours without breaking the bank in the process.

Abigail Gullo, who worked at a number of famous NYC restaurants, is the lead chef in the kitchen, so patrons know they are going to have a great meal. Soubou’s food, excellent atmosphere, and high quality drinks make it one of the bars in the U.S. you need to visit while in the Big Easy.

There are many bars you should consider visiting if you live in the U.S. or if you are planning on visiting. Although not every bar can make the cut, some bars stand out for different reasons. While the great drink menu is most often the obvious, many of these bars also offer plenty of history, great meal options, and a variety of food for patrons to enjoy when visiting the bars. The locale, the bartenders, the atmosphere, and the story, are all elements which contribute to an overall great bar, and make these bars the best ones to visit. For those who are looking for a new place to go for a drink, or plan on traveling to these cities, these are some of the bars to consider visiting during your trip.