Top 10 Safest Places to Run in Orange County, CA

Photo by Jodi G.

Photo by Jodi G.

Here are the safest running trails in the OC.

Orange County , California has no shortage of places to run. In fact, the weather and the terrain both seem to come together and demand that you come outside and get active, whether you are interested in getting fit or not. Yet, just like any other county in the country, Orange County has some places that are not so safe for runners. To that end, it’s good to know exactly where the safest places to run in the area are.

Where you choose to run is likely dependent on your interests and specifically, what you want to get out of the run. Some people are going for endurance, so they prefer to stay on level ground that’s easy to navigate. Others want to build their strength as well as their endurance, so it’s important to them to have challenging terrain. Whatever your preference, keep safety in mind at all times.

Here you can learn about some of the safest places to run in Orange County. Choose from quaint little parks that might not be so daunting as far as distance goes, to larger parks that include various types of terrain to really challenge your legs. No matter where you run, whether it’s in Orange County or anywhere else, keep safety in mind.